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”Music is Powerful” He said.

Some voices were raised in the meeting hall till the speaker calm the audience by bringing in the the topic to be discussed, then he said ”Culture” . The expressions on faces tells that its probably not the topic we’d like to hear much of but on mentioning ”Music”, i got caught in the net!
I have an interest in music and its effect on the human soul, so he gave more views on the topics and the everybody got carried along!
”Music is Powerful” he said and we all confirmed it with a loud ”YES!”
I think i finally met someone who’s got same views as me in the world of music! The words that are used in the compostion of moder music has made music itself lost is purpose, this really reduced my interest in it.
I remembered music was supose to be about moral, descency, life lesson and passing a beautiful message across to human heart but music now (like the one we have now) is all about sex and immorality.
”There is a connection between the music and youth’s behaviour” he said. I totally agree with that. What’s shown on the Tv Screen has a notable effect on the emotions especially that of a upcoming individual. Okay, i am aware that we get to see half nake ladies on the streets (in the name of freedom), but coming home to see’em on the screen to continue the life long movie (as if the one we’re living is not enough) is plain cruelty on a child!
Indeed, there are still musician who try to bring back the purpose of music but the response they get from the audience is nothing compared to that which promotes immorality and sex, in which violent words are used (dont be so surprised if a seven year old tells you to fuck a horse) and the images confirms it all!
A teenager get more and more addicted to porn sites and you ask why? Its the words of it that he gets to hear! This present generation are really sharp, i know. But the info on sex shouldn’t be gotten from sex videos or visiting porn sites. The chances that a girl might have low self esteem at an older are higher if she is engrossed in the world of top models (who are by the dieting and dieting is no fun) !
A proffessor i know said, ”its easy to detect a challenge but finding solution to the challenge is the problem”.
China banned the viewing of Channel O and i think thats a beautiful step towards a less sexually aroused society!
What are your views? How can the situation be corrected?
Remember, you have a voice but its no use if you just voice out your words without taking any physical action!

Share your views with me!


A little something about me! How about we go straight. Putting everything in written words, is definitely what i am obsessed with. Though i live in a world of science (a student of Chemistry/Biochemistry) which i also do love a lot too but when science runs wild and gets complicated, i run to my world of art to get things back in shape... to get my head a little less entangled in the web of science. Lets say i just love to maintain a balance between the two and writing my thoughts helps a lot with that. So my interest in blogging is built on my love for writing, everything goes down in written words. I say I write anything write able; from shorts articles to books (mostly fictional...) I love poetry, inspiring articles and short stories, nature, funny quotes and photos, everything that's gotta do with worthy creativity! Like i said, its all in words, my experience, life lessons and thoughts will be going here. If it turns out poetic, that'll be perfect! Sending positive and hopeful signals to a needing heart and restoring smiles to a grief stricken face gives breath and life it self... so my life literally can only be described as fulfilling when I am of positive help to others. If people could get the feelings attached to my written words, that'll be a job well done for me, So i am looking forward to that! I wrote once that what the poet's pen has written down, carries a lot more that the seeming words scribbled down on the surface, its deeper than you think, its sublime... it carries more than you can imagine... i think that's what i am about! Meeting and learning literally from new people is a dream come true, i hope i'd get that from you. I might never have the right words in a difficult phase but scorn vs being will definitely be pacific! Hey! The name is Jameelah! Thanks for the visit and looking forward to what Fate has in store for me and you! :)

3 thoughts on “”Music is Powerful” He said.

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