To a Poet a thousand years hence!

O! Friend unseen, unborn, unknown,

Student of our sweet english tongue

Read out my words at night alone

I was a poet, I was young!

~James Flecker~

You dont think i wrote that right??
No! I didnt, I’m no where close to giving that sortta rhythm 🙂
I read that poem and i was like Wow! Then a louder ‘Wow’! I guess the loudest might be chaotic, with the creature that lives next door… I have no intention of spending my weekend Behind bars for violating human rights! Lol 😀

A little on the actual poet,
James Elroy Flecker (5 November 1884 – 3
January 1915) was an English poet,
novelist and playwright. As a poet he was
most influenced by the Parnassian poets.
Among his beautiful works, ‘To a poet a thousand years hence’ really got to me so well… 🙂


My thoughts and My words

Bitting my truant pen
beating myself for spite.
‘Fool!’ said my muse to me
‘Look in thy heart and write!’

Sometimes, it gets hard to get the words to flow like they do in my thoughts, i guess thats part of being in Grade school of poetry 😀

Perhaps, no person can be a poet, or can even enjoy poetry without a certain unsoundness of mind! 🙂
Hope i’ll graduate from Grade school soon… Lol

Intimidation of Immortality

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting
the soul that rises with us, our life’s star
Hath had elsewhere its setting
and cometh from afar

Not in entire forgetfulness
and not in utter darkness
but trailing clouds of glory do we come
from God, who is our home!

Power of Words! (A thing i’ve learned)

As the instant yeast
to the baker’s dough
Are uplifting words
uttered in sincerity
to a sagging soul

As a healing balm
to a broken flesh
Are right words
in due season
to a hurting heart!

I’ve not really come in much contact with the physical world but from the little years i’ve spent here on the planet earth, i realised that you are your words!

Alot is attached to whats uttered, i think words are swords, that can pierce through even the hardest of all hearts!
It can as well be self-destructive, the tongue indeed is the sharpest double-edged sword ever!

Remember, your words can break hearts just as much as it can glue broken hearts, be mindful of what comes out, it might as well lead to the end of your own self!
A thing that can never be reversed or erased,
words which had already been spoken!

Nature’s Splendour! (I’d fall for Nature all over again)

Divine dominion
Over-laid with green underneath
Blended colours in communion
With Nature’s artistic breed

Nutured expressions
Silhouetted against the light
are the heart’s emotions
now visible to the eyes

The butterfly flaps
as the clouds danced
Velvety colours
… O’ Nature’s splendour!

I love this pic so much, since the first time i saw it and hey, i gotta take a pic of the atmosphere then! The colours, the weather… Just perfect! Actually triggered me to write this poem!
You know the atmosphere in Nigeria can be awesome as well!