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Realm of Spirituality

The cloak of darkness draws over
a new kindda light filled
Hearts and petals lowered
in response to nature’s grip!

Burdened are some souls
with that which from the day,
With the blues I’ve laid
on my dear old sofa

Weightless I wish
to be
Forgive and be forgiven
set thy spirit free

Hold a grugde not against me
for, now as I lay
away shall be the night
and incomes a new day

None can tell
when loosened will be that which connects me to the world in knots
Make a way so cold hearts can melt
for, tomorrow I might be awake not!

I’ve had some (not really bad though) thoughts going on in my head that really drove me to write this piece.

This thing about Forgiveness is not really something you do for the other who’ve hurt you, its an act that you do for your own being and self!

Most times, it gets hard to let go of the thoughts and emotions, we let it burn for a long time that the heart got chocked from it flames!

The longer the while, the thicker the walls on the path of lighter rays!
Break your boundaries, let go of ego, let not pride get in the way
ask for forgiveness from man and God,
forgive another as well! Thats how we’d set the spirit free… 🙂

Sometimes, to help oneself, you need to help others,
the light you gave'em, will reflect on your own path!
Have a great week… 🙂


A little something about me! How about we go straight. Putting everything in written words, is definitely what i am obsessed with. Though i live in a world of science (a student of Chemistry/Biochemistry) which i also do love a lot too but when science runs wild and gets complicated, i run to my world of art to get things back in shape... to get my head a little less entangled in the web of science. Lets say i just love to maintain a balance between the two and writing my thoughts helps a lot with that. So my interest in blogging is built on my love for writing, everything goes down in written words. I say I write anything write able; from shorts articles to books (mostly fictional...) I love poetry, inspiring articles and short stories, nature, funny quotes and photos, everything that's gotta do with worthy creativity! Like i said, its all in words, my experience, life lessons and thoughts will be going here. If it turns out poetic, that'll be perfect! Sending positive and hopeful signals to a needing heart and restoring smiles to a grief stricken face gives breath and life it self... so my life literally can only be described as fulfilling when I am of positive help to others. If people could get the feelings attached to my written words, that'll be a job well done for me, So i am looking forward to that! I wrote once that what the poet's pen has written down, carries a lot more that the seeming words scribbled down on the surface, its deeper than you think, its sublime... it carries more than you can imagine... i think that's what i am about! Meeting and learning literally from new people is a dream come true, i hope i'd get that from you. I might never have the right words in a difficult phase but scorn vs being will definitely be pacific! Hey! The name is Jameelah! Thanks for the visit and looking forward to what Fate has in store for me and you! :)

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