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Becoming – Sonnet

A swift glance at the mirror
And at the being that stands before
Walking through an open door
Discovering the world holds a lot more

Stepping into our God-given shoes
Fitting into our natural garments
In a world where physiques rules
Walking in gold portrays enjoyment

Some find discomfort in their own skin
Hoping to find it in plastic surgery
Every being holds some goodness within
Machine cannot resolve our mystery

Sometimes, think if you were faking being awesome,
or you are who you want to become!

Okay, so wondering what triggered the poetry above, I can’t really tell myself…
I remembered just sitting during one of those quiet times I cherish and then a thought came to me, actually i wondered if I am who I want to be or who I want the world to think I am.
Same for our ever-smiling celebs, deep down, somewhere behind the closed door and behinds the scenes, there is the truth and harsh reality.

Never be focused on the surface, the truth can’t easily be seen just by looking.
Another thing, you can never really please human being…

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Writing a poem! (I found my way back to WordPress)

In came the last thought
hoping it’d end that way
An idea my wondering mind brought
standing or on my bed as i lay

Swiftly I held my pen
As the mind began to create
slowly it came and thence
with nature it began to relate

Hoping to get the words out
from an idea that flowed in
Translating my feelings, dissolving my doubts
Finding the answers that lies within.

With strange words and rhythms
making each line and verse
Coded words with symbolic meanings
Embodying what is and what was.

Rewritten with its final touches
For, each verse tells a story
As i read through with nurtured feelings,
It sounded a little more or less like poetry!

Its been ages and to be honest , i don’t know where to start. so I got a little busy which turned into being lazy… it may seem as though I am not doing anything, seriously I am actively waiting for things to fall back into its place… 😀
I just wanna say thanks for still being here… thank you and happy new year! ( yeah… I know its lame!)