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There were women… They were WOMEN!

I thought I’ve lost the poetic flow
Or perhaps the muse has drown in an abysmal sleep
But each time my gaze falls upon US, the lines comes clear as snow
Everything about US is what moves me!

The scantily cladded lady provokes the pen to write
The unappreciated mother awakens the muse from sleep
But of the heart-wrecking sights I’ve seen one doth stands outright;
That of the woman who knows of her Lord, not a thing!

Shall I not adorn these lines with the affairs of the Queens of Islam?
Perhaps myself and you may take a thing or two
They were mothers, sisters, wives… they were women!
Having babies and washing diapers are beautiful but it didn’t end there too!

Have not your eyes dissolved in the eulogies sages has written for Khadeejah?
The first to accept Muhammad (SAW) and accepted Islam;
Haven’t you read of her affairs and her home of pearls in Jannah?
She was an embodiment of sublime morals and she was a woman!

Haven’t your heart skipped a beat for Sumayyah?
The dark skinned mother who was the first martyred in Islam;
Who was lashed bare in the sun upon her refusal to give up Allah;
She sacrificed the ephemeral for the eternal and she was a woman!

Do you not feel a sensational quiver reading about ‘Aisha?
The young agile pearl who won the heart of our Muhammad (SAW);
Who learnt so much of Islam and became one of the best scholars
Islamic rulings have been learnt from her and she was a woman!

Do you not feel awed by the fearlessness of Khawlah bint Al-Azwar?
The gallant fighter whom even Khaalid admired thinking she was a man;
She was astonishing on the battlefield… oh blessed sister of Dhirrar
She sets an example for all and she was a woman!

I could go and on and on exhausting my ink on these emblems of greatness
There was Faatimah, Umm Waraqah, Umm Sulaym, Umm ‘Ammaarah;
I can name but a few… oh and there was Al-Khansaa, the beautiful poetess
They contributed notably to Islam and they were women!

Break that circle of inactiveness… shed the scales of ignorance
Read, learn, write, contribute… ignite the flames of Islam in hearts!
Your role does not began and end in the kitchen neither does it in ‘za azza room’
Here is ISLAM and it’s not just a ‘man thing’… WE play an active part!