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There were women… They were WOMEN!

I thought I’ve lost the poetic flow
Or perhaps the muse has drown in an abysmal sleep
But each time my gaze falls upon US, the lines comes clear as snow
Everything about US is what moves me!

The scantily cladded lady provokes the pen to write
The unappreciated mother awakens the muse from sleep
But of the heart-wrecking sights I’ve seen one doth stands outright;
That of the woman who knows of her Lord, not a thing!

Shall I not adorn these lines with the affairs of the Queens of Islam?
Perhaps myself and you may take a thing or two
They were mothers, sisters, wives… they were women!
Having babies and washing diapers are beautiful but it didn’t end there too!

Have not your eyes dissolved in the eulogies sages has written for Khadeejah?
The first to accept Muhammad (SAW) and accepted Islam;
Haven’t you read of her affairs and her home of pearls in Jannah?
She was an embodiment of sublime morals and she was a woman!

Haven’t your heart skipped a beat for Sumayyah?
The dark skinned mother who was the first martyred in Islam;
Who was lashed bare in the sun upon her refusal to give up Allah;
She sacrificed the ephemeral for the eternal and she was a woman!

Do you not feel a sensational quiver reading about ‘Aisha?
The young agile pearl who won the heart of our Muhammad (SAW);
Who learnt so much of Islam and became one of the best scholars
Islamic rulings have been learnt from her and she was a woman!

Do you not feel awed by the fearlessness of Khawlah bint Al-Azwar?
The gallant fighter whom even Khaalid admired thinking she was a man;
She was astonishing on the battlefield… oh blessed sister of Dhirrar
She sets an example for all and she was a woman!

I could go and on and on exhausting my ink on these emblems of greatness
There was Faatimah, Umm Waraqah, Umm Sulaym, Umm ‘Ammaarah;
I can name but a few… oh and there was Al-Khansaa, the beautiful poetess
They contributed notably to Islam and they were women!

Break that circle of inactiveness… shed the scales of ignorance
Read, learn, write, contribute… ignite the flames of Islam in hearts!
Your role does not began and end in the kitchen neither does it in ‘za azza room’
Here is ISLAM and it’s not just a ‘man thing’… WE play an active part!

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Burdened Hearts

Oftentimes man is faced with challenges on his path, sometimes it’s a smooth ride and other times it’s the roughest of all .
Sometimes the mind is burdened with the affairs of the soul and the being in its entirety…
It’s part of being human, burdened is part of being human.
The urge and need to pour out and express the emotion that was once suppressed in the heart is also part of that natural characteristic of human.

Sometimes, its gets so hard to hold on to that smile on your lips, you begin to wonder how long you could go on playing hard, you wonder how long this mask would last before falling off and your emotions would then be bare… you wonder how long you’d last before finally breaking down to the least point, you wonder how long you’d last before your weaknesses take over, you wonder how long it’ll take to finally exhale the last breath as though everything will finally end with death…

Sometimes it’s as though the heart is overwhelmed with burden it’s hard to breath, sometimes the lips wished they were asked what was wrong so they could speak… sometimes we just wanna talk hoping that someone at least listens, and understand every word spoken.

But then even in trying to let out those emotions imprisoned in the heart, some emotions can be so strong and deep we’d run short of words to describe what we are feeling… then we find ourselves speechless, but the eyes are still sore with tears, we began to wish that there are words at least with which these suppressed emotions could be described so the mortal man that has chosen to listen could at least understand what we are saying or trying to say… but the mortal man can only listen, he can only comprehend little of what was expressed, he can neither heal nor soothe… verily the keys to the forces of the universe is not Man’s to be possessed, so our fault then is in who we have chosen to pour out our hearts to, the drug to every heartache lies in finding who the keys to the forces of the heart is with, once the Ultimate and ideal owner is found, then ease and relief is nigh and every grief or that seemingly prolonged ache suddenly is as though it were a mere sigh, that lasted not longer than a short while!

When we find the Owner at last, the heart recognises Him immediately and therefore swims merrily in the company of its Owner, for the Owner is with whom lies the keys to the heart and only then can the heart be opened up so its hurt and burden be annihilated; verily the heart finds serenity in His company, every other companion other than Him can neither heal the heart nor rid it of its burdens… and the Owner is Allah, He is Allah!

When the body is overwhelmed with its affairs, and given a chance to taste its own helplessness, blessed be that heart that inspires and then moves the rest of the body towards the doors of the Most Merciful…

The limbs are then brought forth to this door only to find the doors already opened, with the forces of the heart readily ushered into the realm of tranquility, ease and also certainty that He is more merciful to you than you are to yourself, the doors were never shut nor slammed against a face calling for help at the time of adversity… such is Your Lord, Allah the Raheem!

The hands are then raised up to Him that feels so shy to let these raised hands be returned empty; the voice is raised in Dua to He that is closer than the jugular vein; the eyes sight is blurred with tears of emotions that only the heart truly understands, then finally the heart is laid by the feet of the Most Merciful so to be taken in, reformed and healed at last!

The words flowed out so well you begin to wonder why you have chosen to suffer in silence for so long, you could have voiced out, verily someone listen and heals all hurt. When we find ourselves speechless, unable to find the right words with which these emotions could be expressed….

Then you’d discover that unlike the mortal man, your Lord can look into the deepest parts of your heart and translate every emotion you are trying to express; and it becomes as though you throw yourself helplessly at His merciful feet saying ‘Oh Lord! Look into my heart and read every word, for I find no words to express my emotions better’.

Then you discover that you are not informing Him of anything new, By Allah He was never neglectful of you, not even for a blink of an eye… on the contrary you have been neglectful of yourself, but your Lord isn’t!
At that point you realised how far you’ve distanced yourself from Him, how far you’ve strayed from home; at this point again you finally understand that your hurt only resulted from your being neglectful of yourself, you finally realised you were not merciful to yourself, and the hurt was like a path that could lead you back home to Him… verily He is your home!
At last you are home, oh how far you have tarried away from home!

You finally let out everything you’ve nursed within, though it seemed as though it was just you in the room but you could’ve sworn it’s the best conversation you’ve had your whole life, you felt He was so close… so close you were dissolved in His warm merciful embrace… you are then left with untainted certainty that you have beside you the Most Powerful and reliable ally, He becomes your Protector, your Director, your Doctor, your Guardian, your Healer… Allah becomes you True friend upon whom you can rely with full certainty that He’s got your back!

It’s a new dawn, but this dawn was experienced too in your heart… it’s your heart’s dawn finally!
Out into the world you come, with every step you take your lips are adorned with a cheerful smile, and the eyes reflects your heart’s glows… you walk with such assurance cus you were heard last night and what burdened you before now was laid by the doors of the Most Merciful, your heart’s hurt has been annihilated!

The eyes were glowing not because they were devoid of hearty tears; the lips are adorned with smile not because they are devoid of adversity’s sighs; the heart maybe endowed with such richness and sweetness not because it has never been hurt or disappointed… verily the eyes has cried, but to He that returns every gaze of helplessness, verily the lips has sighed overwhelmed with the affairs of the whole being but the tongue has related its affairs to He that listens and understand, verily the heart has ached from hurt that once was unexpressed but it has been purged of its burdens by He that can translate every emotion and heal beyond words… the body has submitted their will to Allah, then it’s given a chance to taste contentment and serenity even amidst emotional chaos and adversity!

You are happy now because you were sad!

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Some people wanna be believed in
Some people wanna be told they are worth something
Some wanna be that missing puzzle piece
With such importance that without them, someone’s
picture may remain incomplete…

…Yet they’re forgetting that they haven’t given themselves
a meaning
That their own concepts of self is missing
That they are undefined by themselves
That their worth isn’t even known to themselves…

That’s why people get depressed
That’s why voices are suppressed
That’s why genuine intentions are unexpressed
That’s why people feel unaccepted

Why let the opinions of others define you?
Why not be amongst ‘the few’?
You don’t need a crowd to belong
He created you weak but He promised to keep you strong
Why give Him up for the ephemeral?

What is your name?
Your name is not what you’re called
Your name is what you answer to when you’re called
Your name is your definition…
Give yourself a meaning, and don’t change it for the

Don’t let your worth fluctuate with people’s ‘angular-definitions’ and perceptions of their ‘supposed you’… that’s self-esteem!

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Sugared Honey

At first, everything appeared okay. Just going fine, heading in their expected directions, there was no failure in her expectations, and to some extent she was beginning to think that it will always be like this, that nothing will go wrong, the path will be ever-smooth, because that is how it should be for the ones He truly loves.

As she goes, she was getting enveloped by the sweet taste of this sugared honey, thinking it’s the real deal not realising that it’s been sugared by Iblees and everything else is fleeting, thinking that it’ll last because it tasted so good, and that this foretold future is a far off adventure… that may come, but probably no time soon!

Suddenly, just so suddenly… everything crumbled, things took new turns, she found herself in the middle of that which she’ve for long feared and dreaded, the loss of a piece, her very own beloved… what is going on?
To who does her life belongs? Where is this new turn? To where do it leads? Does it lead to the depth of the ocean or to the Almighty He?

Her tongue moistened with questions and her eyes frozen by the ice of cold hurt, but her heart for the first time proclaims the truth… the truth she’s for long ignored, the truth she’s for long dreaded to admit, that none of this will last… that this sugar will fade off, that this sweetened taste will be bitter on reaching truth’s throat… she was faced with reality, it was standing at the doors of her heart, this couldn’t be avoided!

Following that natural inclination, she was lead back home… to where the heart belonged. She wanted to accept everything going on, she wanted to see the Truth as it is, and to embrace it whole heartedly… but once in a while seeds of doubt are sown by that avowed enemy, watered with desperation and hopelessness… often she found herself struggling to uproot every sown seed of falsehood, but wondered if any was ever able to win that battle against oneself!

The One in whose hands are the forces of the heavens and the earth as well as the forces of our hearts is very much acquainted with her struggles, and for every raised question in her heart, He gives an answer, for every seed of doubt, He watered with Clarity and Grace…
He saw her struggles and wasn’t neglectful of her, not even for a blink of an eye, He looked into her, and healed her hurt with understanding and firmness… He opened her eyes of perception, and the doors of her heart to His state of sheer perfection.

He taught her that everything takes its form and shape by His decree, and that He can be her most powerful ally, but she must be willing to take a firm grasp of Him, and to be fully depended and relied upon Him, verily, sufficient for her is He… the Almighty!
The eyes softened as the fore-head made their way to the brown earth; the heart was released and allowed into a new territory of submission and consciousness…

The veils were lifted, the veils of ignorance and carelessness… for the first time everything made sense! How could she have questioned this perfect plan? How could she have questioned His sheer act of Mercy and salvation?
For without that crumbled expectations, she would have drowned in the ocean of Iblees’s honey making factory and becoming one of his most loyal ally! She has strayed too far away from home, and how could she have found her way back, if this possession of hers wasn’t lost in this deluded journey? How would the face locate its place of return if the heart didn’t felt this state of utter helplessness?
The hands wouldn’t have been raised out of need, the heads wouldn’t have been bowed out of humility… and the eyes would have remained frozen cus they only perceived things from looking through the ice of falsehood!

She was touched, she was healed, and she was saved… all over again! Each time trouble strikes, she filters the gains from the pains, and the weight of the gains, cannot be compared to the hurt the heart felt, so she learned patience! Now in the face of trouble she says; “I shall remain patient, for indeed, that which lies with my Lord for the patient ones, will suffice my hurt and elevate my status!”

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Lessons from the street

Salamun ‘alaikum!

The recent past hasn’t been exactly as expected; indeed I knew things wouldn’t always be the way I wanted, so I am learning to accept things as they come and in their unique forms! It’s been a long busy day, the journey wasn’t so super anyways, and I could feel the forces within my head settling to unleash that ‘ultimate super-hero’ headache. Fortunate enough, I was already in my home town but the only seeming problem here was the traffic, how do I just get out of it and magically find myself resting on my bed at home, and again, I was in a very bad mood… just really upset!

So I tilted my rested head a little to one side so I could get a good view of what was going on outside my window on the streets. As I was looking, a man came to my window pane, he was speech-impaired… yeah I read that from a piece of paper he held in his hands.
So he was probably requesting for money from me, (for very unimportant reasons) I was so upset I looked away from him, hoping he’d go away too. but after a while, he was still standing there, making gestures with his hands, but then as I turned to look at him and perhaps, just tell him to go for now, I saw that he wasn’t requesting for money.

I could read the expression on his face supported by the gestures of his hands of course, he wore a questioning expression and moved his hands as though he was asking me; “what is wrong? Why are you upset?” After wards, he’d use his hands to rub against his chest warmly as though saying; “Don’t worry, be calm” and then, he’d smile, then raise his hands up, then point towards himself and then towards me like; “Don’t worry, Allah will provide for me and for you too”.
He kept waving his hands and repeating his gestures until I finally smiled at him and he nodded his head in satisfaction, Alhamdulillah we became friends afterwards.

He stood by that street, welcoming everyone passing by, cheering them on and sharing his brilliant smile. Soon, the traffic lightened and our car walked past him, my sight caught his and he was still with the same vibrant smile, waving goodbye at me! Now I was left to myself, I was beginning to question my genuine reason for being so upset earlier… why I was even angry.
Was it the entire journey? Or the wrong forces I’ve given just too much importance in my life, I needed to re-prioritise my affairs and who and what I give attention to or perhaps I give important roles to!

Well, if we compare my ‘obvious’ state to that speech-impaired man, it would be as though i had all he could possibly dream of, but there he was, with very little, yet striving with his utmost to restore smiles back on other people’s faces.
He didn’t let his predicament eat the better of his genuine state of being. True, he was seeking for aid, but then if you didn’t have snouty y to give him, it was enough for him that you depart from him with a pleasant feeling, other people’s happiness also meant something to him… such is life indeed!

Never let your mood alter you thinking and your judgements regarding others, never give the wrong forces too much importance, and be supportive, even if it were with just little. Use the means at your disposal to aid yourself, sometimes; bringing smile to other people’s faces could be a reason for your own immense inner peace and serene state of being. And remember too, that these blessings you are overlooking, these good that has been bestowed upon you that you do not see; remember that there are people out there with far more better in goodness than yourself that would do a greater amount of good with this blessing you are overlooking… be overly thankful to Allah!