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Heavy Make-Ups?? What you must know about beauty products!

I love the idea of looking great and having fun with your looks but how much make-up is too much?? And how much is its effects on the skin??

We must know that the modern chemicals used in beauty porducts can do alot more harm than good to the skin, draining its natural moisture and beauty! Its funny, how a lady wont leave the walls of her home without make-ups on, some even go to bed with it, be wise and do things right. Know the chemicals you’re applying on your skin, know the right quantity to put on it, else the other part of the story might be bitter!
Below are some of the side effects of heavy make ups:

Some chemicals present in beauty products can increase your chances of having a less moisturized skin, it can also lead to blocked pores, this causes pimples! Use make ups once in a while and make sure to wash’em off the face before bed.

Various forms of allergic reaction starting from rashes to inflammation are noticeable due to application of heavy chemicals on the skin!

The chemicals contained in some beauty products can cause dark circles. This takes a longer time to be cured and often creates contant marks around the eyes of a person.

Heavy beauty products contributes to skin-aging as they dry-out natural skin oils ans essential vitamins present in the skin.

Evidence favour the fact that chemicals contained in cosmetics can cause lung diseases when its breathed in. People seldom realise that something like make up could potentially harm their lungs.

The most threatening of all the side effects is the possibility of skin cancer. Though, some popular make-up brand are now using organic and natural ingredients to enhance the quality of their products and make it more skin friendly, but still it cannot be chemicals free!

Looking natural really cant make things go wrong, not like you wont apply make-up at all, but just for some occasions, not all the time.
Try some nature home-made facial masks to improve the skin suppleness and smoothness!
Stick to being Natural! 🙂