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Inspirational?? I found a new direction!

I’ve read, I’ve seen and I’ve heard.
I need not be told that i am a relatively small fish in a big sea, then to grow or get eaten while being small is a decision that i have to make.

I have created Limits and boundaries for myself,
I’ve changed the concept of Time into something that suits my slow-paced nature!

Now i realised that Limits is a concept that exists in a frail-natured mind and slow-witted brain, either afraid of growing or not taking it chances of getting bigger and stronger!
Its not because things are difficult that we do not dare, Its because we do not dare that things are difficult.

May have been perceived as curious-driven being,
but i think ”reality-driven” would be better, cus i’m more concerned with what lies underneath the smiley surface presented by the other.

an obstacle? Or an excuse to hold myself back? Or a tool that needs to be utilized?

Probably the easiest thing i ever did but the ‘seemingly’ hardest was to actualize’em
A fantasy? Or a world i can actually live in?

And there is the most important Concept of’em all, ‘God’

”there is a divinity that shapes our ends and rough hew them how we will” William shakespeare

Now I see that i gave to the world what they’ve seen of me,
not misunderstood,
what you give is what you’ll be given.
Success is not limited to a particular profession, education is not the way but it is a way!
I think part of growing up is being big enough to admit mistakes, intelligent enough to profit by them.
Accepting responsibilities is one of the highest form of maturity, a willingness to be accountable, to put yourself on the line is really the defining characteristic of adulthood

I’m so used to telling those who’ve stepped on my toes;
Hey! You have no clue what i’m made of
Its time i find out myself what kindda stuff i’m made of!

The difference between ‘Extra-Ordinary man and Ordinary Man, is ”EXTRA” .

A new direction, with divine intervention, I think… Nay! I Know i’m making my way through a thorny path… 🙂

Stay Inspired! Dreams


Writting: Is there a chance???

Its easy to get ideas or thoughts and views on issues, its easy to place your hands on the keyboard with different images on your mind and you just wanna let it out.
But i’ve realised that writting might as well be one of the should i say hardest or challenging proffessions in the world! This is from my view… 🙂

Putting thoughts into words for minds to comprehend is a whole new field that needs time and self-development.
Right from the word ‘Go’, i’ve always love to write especially stories, usually at the back of my notebooks, maybe a page or two.
In high school, there were so many things i could’ve written about but i probably didnt give writting a priority in my life.

It never crossed my mind that i could take writting this serious especially with the relationship i’ve had with literal terms.
Hey, i’m a good student in English Okay! I just find it hard sometimes to get the meaning of some words, which are really long by the way… 😎
Somedays ago, i remember reading the prologue of a book and i was like ”Wow! I’m so gonna be needing a dictionary”

Then i realised my World revolves around simplicity, my work must not be much about grammar but about reach, not much about literary education but about informations, not much about finesse but about morality!

There is always a piece of you attached to your words and someone getting that piece from reading a text, a thumbs up for the writer.

Looking back, i realised i’ve spent probably the last 6 and half years of my life missing clues and topics i should have written about, to atleast develop myself in the literal world, oh and yes you’re right, i’m 17.

I recently changed my views on writting that it must not be all about me but the world as well, get people involved. Write with simplicity but get thoughts and views attached.

Any human irrespective of their age and social class has the unlimited ability to develop himself, his neighbour, nay the entire universe. Since he is surely composed of a body, mind and soul, the need for his mental, moral and physical development cannot be over-emphasised.

A 17 year old in Higher Institution and my life in the world of media has not only widened my knowledge on personal management, but also has broadened my perception and understanding of human relation.

Each day, i choose a new topic to write about and I’ve seen that my writting style gets better that what had been written down the day before.
I once read a book and like any well-written piece, the writer’s work contained some measure of metaphor, a dose of sarcasm and an appreciable measure of irony!
This is just what i’d like though mine will have humour added to it…. 🙂

It gets better right?? I’m looking forward to having these goals achieved!