This was not suppose to be a long note! A short break, i guess! :)

Flunctuating rhythm,
of the heart’s whisperings…
Graced steps of the foot
slowly serenades the viewer’s eye

O body swayed to music!
O brightening glance
How can we know the dancer from the dance?

Its being a while but I think it will be unfair to just go without a word,
at least there’re this people who still sctick around here, whom I appreciate alot! 🙂
I’ll start by apologising for the long silence or inactiveness, talk of Fluctuating moments, define my life!

My exams are fast approaching and everything is getting more chaotic than you can imagine, and
Hey! Eid Celebration is coming up too, (A thing i’m most excited about btw 😉 )

With this short poem (only God knows why i choose that theme cus my state dosent really define ‘Serene’ now) , I leave you with life in words!

Hey, its not like I’m gonna die or something (OMG! I’ve been thinking of death way more often nowadays… could it be?? Lol)

I need to do this thing called ‘Reading’ which is not really something i’m so happy doing, (dont make a face… You didnt liked it either when you were in school!)

The only fun thing about examination period, is that i wont have to spend 2 solid hours of my life as a 17 year old writting notes, with words (especially in biology) I have no clue what they mean (I dont intend to find’em out either!)
Oh, yes! There is this ‘Super honest’ lecturer that always talks of how important knowledge is and how money means absolutely nothing (I’m wondering why he’s working since he have this big brain that takes in almost everything that come its way)
I didnt got angry when the lecturer told the class we had the active and most important part of our brains on holiday!
I could’ve liked that lecturer you know,
but he tends to tell the truth way too often! 🙂

Okay, that’ll be all, stay healthy and happy! I will be back, God willing, as a muslimah, we’d say In shaa Allah! 🙂

I appreciate the little we’ve had so far, thank you 🙂 ❤
Stay blessed too ❤ 🙂