The Journey of Life – The sweetest message ever sent to me!

(So I’m wondering if that’s how i’m suppose to come out after the long silence…)

Well, if you’ve followed me for a while now, you’d know i’m probably the laziest blogger (Did i just say blogger… Perfect!) alive!

So, I have no excuse other than ‘busy schedule’, i kindda do this blogging thing for fun,
I hope we’ve got no hard feelings down there… 🙂

Okay, what brought me back, well not fully right, I’m partially back but will be more attentive now! (I didnt promise that, okay??)

Its the end of my first year in the institution and I’ve made close relationships with this people, I’m so… (complete it… I hate saying i miss people! Lol)

I recieved the sweetest good-bye message there ever was from this guy, well we’re not a thing alright, so dont make a face… :>
but seriously, this message got to me, i think i actually cried… 😦
I hate saying i miss people but i’m definitely gonna miss this one!
Here is the message;

”Life is like a journey on a train
with its stations…
with change of routes…
And with accidents!

We board this train when we were born and
our parents are the one who get our tickets.
We believe they will always travel on this train
with us,
however at some station, our parents will get
off the train leaving us alone on this journey.

As time goes by, other passengers will board
this train, many of whom will be significant –
our siblings, friends, children and even the
love of our life,

Many will get off during the journey and leave
a vacuum in our lives,
many will go so unnoticed that we wont even
know when they vacated their seats and got
off the train.

This train ride will be full of joy, sorrow,
fantasy, expectation, hellos, good-byes and
A good journey is helping, loving, having a
good relationship with all co-passengers!
And making sure that we give our best to
make their journey comfortable.

The mystery of this fabulous journey is we do
not know at which station we ourselves are
going to get off
So we must live in the best way, adjust,
forget, forgive and offer the best of what we
Its is important to do this because when the
time comes for us to leave our seats… We
should leave behind beautiful memories for
those who will continue to travel on the train
of life.

Thank you for being one of the important
passengers on my train,
dont know when my station will come,
dont wanna miss saying ”Thank you” n

That’s it, I really didnt wanna just let it go without giving a reply right, its not professional! Lol
So i wrote a poem for a reply, but we’r not reading the poem today, some other time i guess…. 🙂

Thanks for staying this long… Well on my own journey too,
Stay as happy as the smiley emoticon… 🙂


Virtue and Evil

”Where Virtue fails,
Evil rules!
The mirror of the pure heart, compares Virtue and Evil.
A life time of Virtue is not enough,
A single day of Evil is too much…”

That, definitely isn’t a poem 🙂 Just a thought to reflect upon ❤

Severed Forever…

As the sonnet of sunsets
tells the tale of fading light
so the cries of a frailed heart
tells of its tinted droplets

A similitude… A dangling rope
which from a pole hangs
once whole and of man
then cut… So does hope!

The folklores of the taken soul
once of man, then immortality
need not be told of brutality
what’s of the mind had been shown

The wordless flight of a falling feather
which from a bird departs
the likes… A familiar heart
that dies, the severance of our forever!

I’m back for a while! Eid Mubarak In advance… :)

Okay, I wont mind if i’m called lazy or any other annoying names (Nothing too annoying pls… You’ll get some tensed fists!) and we wont be getting any poem for today, probably the next time 🙂

My department in the Institution is more than busy, so i’m still looking for a word that defines busy in a more ‘busy’ kindda way, i think it’ll be perfect!

I cant still believe i didnt wrote anything on our ‘Big day!’
I mean Independence day, that was on 1st of October 2014! That was a big occasion in Nigeria (yes yes and YES! I am a Nigerian!) so Nigeria turned…. (i’m not so sure of the age, skip that part!)
Okay, i wont mind if i’m being percieved as a neglectful citizen, i even forget my own birthdays sometimes so
Dear Nigeria, I’m so sorry that saying ‘Happy Independence’ to you didnt got on my To-do list! Or the ‘top 20 things i need to worry about as a teen’

Okay, the main reason i decided to show up is cus, I’m finally home, for the up-coming celebration, I’m most excited about btw,
the smiles on faces, and the market is more than colourful!

I walked past 4 different banks today and i’m still looking for a word that is more ‘queueie’ than ‘queue (Lol… Get used to my terms and quit making faces!)
I feel the dictionary dont have everything, so its not so bad if we do some inventing once in a while!

So tomorrow is my very own big day, we usually say ‘Eid Mubarak’ as the mode of greeting for the season,

Idk if its the celebration that got me sooo excited or its cus i’ll be getting something new!
For the Love of God! I’m 17, i cant be super-excited about putting on something new! (i’m trying to believe i’m this big adult that can no longer feel! :> )

Its definitely nice to be back though its not gonna be for long, just the little while i gotta spend at home before going back into the forest!

Okay, stay happy and healthy … 🙂
Smile as often as often! ❤

This was not suppose to be a long note! A short break, i guess! :)

Flunctuating rhythm,
of the heart’s whisperings…
Graced steps of the foot
slowly serenades the viewer’s eye

O body swayed to music!
O brightening glance
How can we know the dancer from the dance?

Its being a while but I think it will be unfair to just go without a word,
at least there’re this people who still sctick around here, whom I appreciate alot! 🙂
I’ll start by apologising for the long silence or inactiveness, talk of Fluctuating moments, define my life!

My exams are fast approaching and everything is getting more chaotic than you can imagine, and
Hey! Eid Celebration is coming up too, (A thing i’m most excited about btw 😉 )

With this short poem (only God knows why i choose that theme cus my state dosent really define ‘Serene’ now) , I leave you with life in words!

Hey, its not like I’m gonna die or something (OMG! I’ve been thinking of death way more often nowadays… could it be?? Lol)

I need to do this thing called ‘Reading’ which is not really something i’m so happy doing, (dont make a face… You didnt liked it either when you were in school!)

The only fun thing about examination period, is that i wont have to spend 2 solid hours of my life as a 17 year old writting notes, with words (especially in biology) I have no clue what they mean (I dont intend to find’em out either!)
Oh, yes! There is this ‘Super honest’ lecturer that always talks of how important knowledge is and how money means absolutely nothing (I’m wondering why he’s working since he have this big brain that takes in almost everything that come its way)
I didnt got angry when the lecturer told the class we had the active and most important part of our brains on holiday!
I could’ve liked that lecturer you know,
but he tends to tell the truth way too often! 🙂

Okay, that’ll be all, stay healthy and happy! I will be back, God willing, as a muslimah, we’d say In shaa Allah! 🙂

I appreciate the little we’ve had so far, thank you 🙂 ❤
Stay blessed too ❤ 🙂