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Becoming – Sonnet

A swift glance at the mirror
And at the being that stands before
Walking through an open door
Discovering the world holds a lot more

Stepping into our God-given shoes
Fitting into our natural garments
In a world where physiques rules
Walking in gold portrays enjoyment

Some find discomfort in their own skin
Hoping to find it in plastic surgery
Every being holds some goodness within
Machine cannot resolve our mystery

Sometimes, think if you were faking being awesome,
or you are who you want to become!

Okay, so wondering what triggered the poetry above, I can’t really tell myself…
I remembered just sitting during one of those quiet times I cherish and then a thought came to me, actually i wondered if I am who I want to be or who I want the world to think I am.
Same for our ever-smiling celebs, deep down, somewhere behind the closed door and behinds the scenes, there is the truth and harsh reality.

Never be focused on the surface, the truth can’t easily be seen just by looking.
Another thing, you can never really please human being…

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Funny Phone Conversations, Facebook Status Updates; ”she actually thought it was the google search box!”

A collection of Facebook status updates, Hilarious phone conversations, random funny pics in my humor folder… 😀
happy viewing!

Foxy what??… 😀

Forgtn fone
Hello?? Knock Knock… The phone’s in your house!

Oooowww! Funny
:O :O :O 😀

Susan busted
You’re gonna get the hard version of ”The Talk” with your mum, have fun!

Mum- rack
I love that mum!

Oh! It was not suppose to be like that… Lol

Lol, I love twilight too you know… Maybe a she-werewolf 😎

Wake up call??? Just tell me the story!
You can never tell what people search for on the web… 😀

Awesomist-Mom-Ever fb
You know i really that pic… 😀
very strong mum!

Oh yes he does, ”Beware of dogs” it says…. 😎

OMG! He’s gonna die growing beards… Lol
any drugs to slow puberty down??

Smart phone owned
Two years sweetheart?? You’ve been busy, we need to talk!

Ready fr d wkend
Ready or Not,
Have a great weekend! 🙂

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Just random hilarious photos in my humor folder… :D

Okay, this should be hilarious or atleast put a smile on, but it get even harder to concentrate when i have this two conflicting images in my head!

Here’s is it, whenever i publish a new post, i usually see this two people,

1, this big guy with a goatee, maybe has a big belly too, his legs on the table, a pop corn in his hands, (he’s not watching a movie or something) taking’em one by one into his mouth… Then he sees my posts and scoffs ”attention seeker!”

2, a lady, probably in her 30s, with her shades, wrinkles are making their way just as i did in high school,
but she’s got the cutest smile. When ever she sees my posts she says ”Oh, Newbie, my support will do!”

Hey, no hard feelings attached okay, actually i learned from wordpress as well, like knowing that there is no need for make-ups when logging in for a webinar!
Have fun viewing the photos!

English tchr
Oh yes you are! I just heard you say that out loud… 🙂
”Nice meeting we”

Great dad
Is it just me or that dad is way too intelligent for the kid,
How about CPU ??

Manual for women
Yeah, start reading lets see if you’ll finish that in a life time, btw Vol 2 will be published soon, happy reading! 🙂

I hope there is network in the belly too, i’d really like to see how the inside looks and updates on the digestion processes, you know biology right??… 🙂
use a good camera pls!

teacher ruler
Hey teacher! You’re the other too, its just logical to ask which of the two!

A grin or a Smile?? Have a great day! 🙂

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Amazing Hand Arts!

My addiction to creativity brought me to walk down the Art Lane and i definitely wasn’t in vain.

I came across this piece of work, and they are so amazing!
Art is simply beautiful and artists are taking it to the next Level. Happy viewing!

Just how beautiful is this piece of Art?

Just Beautiful!

ATT_Italy_ 013
How about this bridge??

I’ve got some flying to do… Lol

I know all of’em are great but I love the last One more, The Eagle…
Some words for the Artist! Share your views.